About Sociology Department

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Sociology Program, Fuzhou University was founded in 1998 and enrolled the first year students in 1998. Approved by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, the department recruited the first year Sociology postgraduate students in 1999, one of the earliest entitled to granting MA in Sociology.Sociology Department established in 2003 under School of Humanities and Social Science,was entitled to granting MA in Community Service in 2010. The Department at present recruits 40 undergraduates, 12 postgraduates in Sociology and 60 postgraduates in Community Service every year.

There are 12 members of full-time professional teaching staff, 10 with senior titles and 8 with doctoral degrees, among whom one was awarded “Fujian New Century Talents Program of Institution of Higher Learning” and two "Fujian Talents Project". After nearly 20 years of hard work, Sociology Department boasts a wealth of research results in the study of labor and immigration, religion sociology, cultural anthropology and urban and rural communities around Fujian and Taiwan, focusing on contribution to  socio-economic development of Western Strait and disciplinary research of regional characteristics, and as a result has made great strides in disciplinary construction. Sociology Program was funded by “High-ranking University Construction Projects” in Fuzhou University in 2014. It established Humanities and Social Sciences Academy with support from School of Social Sciences, Nanjing University in 2016, and in 2017 signed 6 chair professors well-known within Chinese sociology, four of whom were “Distinguished Professors of Cheung Kong Scholars”.