About Chinese Language and Literature

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Chinese Language and Literature, Fuzhou University, formerly known as Chinese Culture, Fuzhou University, began to enroll the first year students in 2003 when Chinese Department, School of Humanities and Social Science, Fuzhou University was founded. It is a 4-year program of 160 credits, awarding a BA in graduation. Adhering to the tenets of "Learn Extensively, Think Deeply, Practice Faithfully" for more than 10 years since its foundation, teachers in Chinese Department have always valued the cultivation of students' professional skills and overall quality, and are proud of their great achievements in feeding the community a large number of outstanding talents in the wake of bold and persistent innovations in education and talents training. In 2014, Chinese Language and Literature saw its name in "Brand Program Construction Plan of Fuzhou University", which promise new opportunities for development.

The program includes core courses related to language, literature, writing, media, and professional practices in a number of off-campus internship bases for solid professional foundation and flexible application. The program seeks to foster modern high-quality interdisciplinary and application-oriented talents with sincere patriotism, broad horizon, and profound humanism informed by solid literary theory, systematic knowledge of Chinese language and literature, coordination flexibility, verbal eloquence, competitiveness, adaptability and preliminary scientific research capacity. Graduates can undertake writing, editing, media, secretary, public relations, planning, administration, teaching and network information processing in public institutions and enterprises ranging from Party and Government organizations, social groups, to basic education, cultural industries, publishing and editing. At present, students' employment is of high quality, stable, and well received by various communities.