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2017 Plays

“All my plays should be played light and fast. I don’t want to dwell on their seriousness.”
— Samuel Beckett
I loved the clowning, the ramshackle Laurel‐and‐Hardyesque funny business, the outrageousness of everything that happened, even as nothing happened—twice.
— The Seattle Weisenheimer
Shawn Belyea and Jeff Page, 1990.

Shawn Belyea and Jeff Page, 1990.

Beautifully moving. Wondrously humorous. In an extraordinary examination of the sudden and tragic death of a child, Murphy has managed to express the inexpressible.
— Citation from the Governor General's Award for English Language Drama Jury for Beating Heart Cadaver
Bevin Dooley

Bevin Dooley

Colleen Murphy

Colleen Murphy

Cat Walsh

Cat Walsh

One World Theatre

Seattle, WA

Waiting for Godot

by Samuel Beckett

If you’ve never experienced Waiting for Godot, this is the one to see. Seattle’s One World Theatre follows Beckett’s advice with a production acclaimed for its physicality and passion.

One World Theatre’s Waiting for Godot has been 25 years in the making. The production was first performed in 1990 in rural public parks and the maximum security prison in Walla Walla. In 1993, the show sold out the Edmonton Fringe.

The Seattle Weekly wrote back then that the actors “may be 20 years too young to play the existential tramps, but their performances were otherwise so convincing that by the second act one’s disbelief had been suspended and the production became a thing of beauty.”

23 years later, One World revived the production for a sold-out run at the 2013 Seattle Fringe. The show was voted the Audience Favorite Award.

Waiting for Godot features K. Brian Neel as Estragon, Jeff Page as Vladimir, Tim Moore as Pozzo, and Mark Fullerton as Lucky. It is directed by Shawn Belyea.

Canadian-Irish Play Series

Three Canadian-Irish playwrights showcase their work! Local professional actors present staged readings of Colleen Murphy’s Governor General Award shortlisted Beating Heart Cadaver, Edmonton favourite Cat Walsh’s play FETCH, and up and coming Edmonton playwright Bevin Dooley’s new play Slack Tide.

Thursday, March 16, 6:00pm Slack Tide by Bevin Dooley

Several years after a tragic incident rocked their community, Mary and Annie meet on the rocky beach of their small town to salvage the remains of their friendship. Annie’s brother, Matty, a few days out of prison, is also desperate to talk to Mary about his role in the event that drove the women apart. But neither Mary nor Annie is willing to forget, and they certainly aren’t ready to forgive.

Saturday, March 18, 4:45pm Beating Heart Cadaver by Colleen Murphy

Leona and Danny's young daughter, Amelia, perishes in a car crash. Paralysed in the accident, Danny is spurned by Leona's harsh accusations as she clings helplessly to a balloon believed to contain Amelia's breath. Enter Lola, a pathological grief councillor. Turbulent, daring, Murphy's writing ventures through dark emotional territory unearthing humour and forgiveness as Leona and Danny fight their way back to each other, and to life.

Sunday, March 19, 6:00pm FETCH by Cat Walsh

Hannah Morgan is the youngest of six. Hannah Morgan is an only child. Hannah Morgan has a happy family. Hannah Morgan is orphaned, ignored, alone. Hannah Morgan pursues and is pursued by a small toy dog. A play about possible existences, simultaneous identity, and the battle to become the real Hannah Morgan.